Honeymoon = Romance.

Romance = Fiji.

A Fiji Honeymoon should be many things: romantic, exciting, relaxing, and fun.  You are embarking on a new journey that you will remember for the rest of your lives.  And what better place to start your new lives together than romantic Crusoe’s Retreat.

At Crusoes  Retreat you will experience the real Fiji, and a true Fiji Honeymoon.  Walk hand-in-hand on a quiet stretch of palm-fringed sandy beach.  Embrace the relaxed, casual and laid-back atmosphere where all of your worries seem to wash away with the outgoing tide.  Feel the warmth embrace of the friendly local Fijians, who will help make your honeymoon special and remind you of what is truly important in life.  Indulge in the simple relaxation of savoring a tropical cocktail while watching a breath-taking Fijian sunset.

Do you want to relive your magical Wedding day?  Why not celebrate with a Renewal of Vows at Crusoe’s Retreat, complete with flowers, ceremonial marriage certificate, and all the romance that Fiji offers.

During your Fiji Honeymoon, consider enjoying a private, romantic, candlelit dinner for two at the water’s edge.  Or, grab a picnic lunch and some champagne, and discover your own stretch of deserted beach.  Be sure to enjoy the many activities and excursions on offer at Crusoe’s Retreat, knowing that you will return to the privacy and seclusion of your Fijian-inspired Bure at the end of the day.

Whether sharing the lush colorful landscape of the Coral Coast, intensely colored sunsets, the clear night skies awash with stars, or an intimate table for two where knees touch, you will surely agree that romance comes naturally in the quiet, friendly and relaxed atmosphere of Crusoes Retreat.