Fiji Culture

There is a reason people return to Crusoe’s Retreat and Fiji year after year after year. It is the special connection they have with the people of Fiji.

Crusoe’s Retreat offers guests a very unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the local Fijian culture. Since we are one of the only resorts in Fiji located directly next to a traditional Fijian village, our guests can visit with the locals, spend time in the village, experience firsthand daily village life, and see for themselves why Fijians are consistently recognized as the “Friendliest People on Earth”.

We encourage all of our guests to spend time with our friendly staff (most of whom live in the village). Every day, Crusoes offers a traditional Fijian cultural activity, whether it be Fijian cooking, traditional Fijian weaving classes, Fiji language lessons, guided bush hikes, or scheduled visits to the village (a 1 minute walk from the resort). On Sundays, guests are encouraged to visit the village for a church service, allowing them the unique opportunity to listen the the rich and powerful Fijian voices of the church choir.

A highlight of every guests’ stay is seeing the young children in the village. With infectious laughs and endless smiles, the children love to show off their village to visitors, and guests love spending time with them.

Interesting Fact: Crusoe’s Retreat is the oldest operating resort in Fiji. Our staff is third-generation – their grandparents hosted guests from around the world when they worked at Crusoe’s Retreat.

The truly lasting memories for our guests is the time they spend with our friendly local Fijian villagers, and we are so very proud to be able to provide a culturally-enriching experience for our lucky visitors.